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1. The Marvelous Making of Man

2. Waiting In The Wings

3. No Worries!

4. Preach Jesus!

5. If Jesus Says I Can, Then I Can!

6. Nay-Sayers and Giant Slayers

7. Those Things!

8. Rubbing God the Wrong Way

9. Those Hands

10, Sometimes the Ship Sinks!

11. Spiritual DNA

12. A Relationship I Can Identfy With

13. Living Among the Dead (Good Halloween Sermon)*

14. A Man of God (Good Father's Day Sermon)*

15. Oh! I Want to See Him!

16. Saints in Ceasar's Houshold

17. It's Time to Take a Stand

18. Hold Your Peace

19. Thanks Giving (A good stewardship sermon for Thanksgiving)*

20. Dealing with Problem People in the Church

21. Do You Know THIS Jesus?

22. I Believe!

23. Preserving the Evidence

24. Where There Is No Vision . . .

25. Preparation for Personal Revial

26. Love IS the Answer*

27. Dont Let the Critics Get You Down (M. L. King Day Sermon)*

28. Naked!

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1. Principles of Miracles: Purpose
2. Principles of Miracles: Obedience
3. Principles of Miracles: Humility
4. Principles of Miracles: Timing
5. Principles of Miracles: Surrender

6. Principles of Miracles: Recognition
7. Principles of Miracles: Return
8. Principlies of Miracles: Glory

37. Talk to the Hand

38. Freedom Among Slaves

39. Don't Just Sit There, Do Something!

40. My Name is Dunamis, and I Live Behind the Wall*

41. Multiplying Ministry

42. I'm Getting Up (Easter Sermon)

43. Who Is This?

44. Love, Liberty and Life (Memorial Day Sermon)

45. The Parade (Palm Sunday)

46. Tempted but Triumphant

47. Every Dog Has His Day

48. Are You Ready for This?

49. Knowing Jesus in the Power of the Resurrection (Easter)

50. You're Gonna Get It (Easter)

51. Being God Conscious-Ps. 23

52. Sitting By the Promise (Easter)

53. Do Not Miss your Moment*

54. Which Jesus Is In Your Parade? (Palm Sunday)

55. Good News Everybody (Easter Sunday)

56. The Spirit By My Side

57. The Fruit of the Spirit

58. The Anointing*

59. Tracking the Spirit*

60. What Is A Pentecostal Church?*

61. Power from on High*

62. The Gifts of the Spirit*

63. Pentecost: It's Alright!*

64. Dancing With God

 65.) The Power of Purpose

 66.) Thank God for the Church

67.) Father's Day/Communion-"Sitting at the Father's Table"*

68.) Choices

69.) Barefoot Praise

70.) Overcoming Evil With Good

71.) The Joy of the Lord

72.) Conquering Your Compromise

73.) A Face In The Crowd

74.) The Word That Will Not Fail

75.) Thank God for Grace

76.) Thank God for the Church

77.) Thank God for the Word of God

78.) Thank God for the Cross

79.) Thank God, Jesus is Coming Again

80.) The Promise of the Father

81.) Somebody Say, Glory

82.) Jesus In Genesis: He Was There All The Time

83.)  Leaving a Legacy of Praise

84.)  Fiery Faith for Fiery Trials

85.) The Lord Your God Is With You


87.) Don't Freak Out!

88.) Four Faithful Women*

89.) The Making of a Great Leader

90). No More Excuses (Post Obama Election Sermon)

91. The Dam of Sin

92.)  God's Answer to Anxiety

93.)  Just Because

94.) The Spirit of Python

95.)  Watchnight Service: Give Me Oil In My Lamp*

96.)  Jesus In Job: Now I See!

97.)  Jesus in Jeremiah: "I Can Fix That!"

98.)  When the Hour Comes (Watchnight Svc.)*

99.  Wake Up and Recognize

100.)  Wrestling With God

101.) Are You Ready For The Rain? (Illustrated sermon)

102.) The Consequences of our Choices

103.) Farewell Address of a Great Leader

104) I Will Not Run

105.) A Model Church

106.) You Didn't Think You Had It In You

107.) The Family of God (Martin Luther King Day)*


1) Spiritual Warfare-Know Your Source of Strength

2) Spiritual Warefare-Know Your Armor

3) Spiritual Warfare-Tearing Down Strongholds

4). Spiritual Warfare--Rescue the Captives


 1.) Hearing and Obeying the Word of the Lord

2.) The Place of Prayer In Times of Trouble

3.) Church: Some Assembly Required

4.) The Example of Joseph

5.) Turning Trouble into Trust

6.) Look a Little Higher for Your Help

7.) Look Again!

8.) I Believe God

9.) I Can Do All Things Through Christ

The Apostle Paul: Total Surrender

1. Arrested by Jesus

2. Doing What You Don't Want to Do

3. Timothy, Consider This

4. Victory over Sin

5. Total Surrender and God's Grace

6. Jesus: Paul's Example


1. Thanksgiving Sermon


1. The Birth of Joy

2. Come Let Us Adore Him

 3. The Cradle, The Cross and the Crown

4. God Glorified in a Baby

5. Seeking, Shirking, and Sulking

6. Sing! A Savior Is Born!

7. Crying He Makes!

8. When Time Was Pregnant

9. Asking and Receiving

10. A Pentecostal Christmas

11. Christmas Lights

12. God Did You A Favor

 13.  Unto Us A Savior Is Born*

14. The Endtimes and Christmas Time


 1. The Five Secrets

2. Don't Track That Dirt Into the New Year (Watchnight Service)

3. The Fit Man (New Year's Sermon)

4. Second Chances

5. God Has Plans for You