Conyers Church of God offers many places for you to connect with others.  From a fully staffed nursery to a vibrant senior adult ministry, you will find fellowship here.

Our Philosophy:

To help people grow in the knowledge and grace of God through the regular and balanced study of Scriptures.

Sunday school teaches us to systematically study the Bible and how to learn and to use Christian principles and values in a community of believers.

Wednesday nights help us to grow and to serve and are developed to enhance the lives of all who come. 

Finding hope in Christ is a life journey.  Our Christian Education development plan is derived from Isaiah 40:30,31.  As you grow closer to God, you find renewed strength.  The path at Conyers Church of God:
   - begins with our Membership Class which 
   - encourages people to join a Sunday Bible study and a Wednesdays growth group
   - and then points each person towards a life-long journey modelling the Chirstian life.

Everyone learns to walk and then to run, but God teaches us how to soar.