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Books/Articles by Dr. Hardgrove

The Third Level - Kindle Edition $9.99
This is a Christian fiction, but it has sound theological insights concerning spiritual warfare, ministry and marriage, and it is cast in genre of a mystery novel. 

Crossing the Breach: Reconcilling Relationships - $9.99 
This is a study of the relationship of God and man.  How the fall affected that relationship and the plan of God to reach accross the breach of sin and reconcile humanity to Himself through Christ.

Joshua: A Blueprint for Evangelism [Paperback]
Joshua: A Blueprint
for Evangelism$ 9.79        

A study and a plan for evangelism in the local church, using Joshua's conquest of Canaan as a model.  Great for small group studies.


Principles of the Miraculous: Eight Sermons on the Miracles of Jesus (60+ pages) $4.99

Many great resources here (est. 500+ pages)! The chapters in the Kindle table of contents are hyperlinked to the sermon.  Only $9.99 for years worth of Holiday Sermons

Journal Article: Journal of Biblical Perspectives in Leadership (page 19)